Alex Pall: One Half of the Chainsmokers

DJ’s Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the members of the Chainsmokers, a DJ duo hailing from New York. They formed when the band’s current manager and friend to both Pall and Taggart, Adam Alpert, introduced them on the principle that they both wanted to move their DJ careers forward and he felt they could help each other out. He appears to have been right, as the two hit it off quickly and formed the Chainsmokers on the basis of their chemistry both in and out of music. Pall and Taggart both worked in different museums, but quit their respective jobs shortly after meeting and began rehearsing full-time, with Taggart moving to New York from his native Maine.


After their live debut in September of 2014 at Terminal 5 as the opening act for Timeflies, Pall and Taggart began releasing prerecorded music in the form of an album, various EPs and numerous free singles. The two enjoy collaboration, collaborating not only with each other on songs but also with other musicians. Their singles, released free via their website, offer a perfect opportunity for exploring not only working with other musicians, but also diving in to other genres of music that they enjoy. This frequent release of new material also has the benefit of keeping their fans satiated with a steady flow of new music.

Pall and Taggart enjoy stepping out of the traditional DJ role. They not only use other genres of music, they also write emotional songs that can feature one or both on vocals, As the two have begun performing singing duties in front of a live crowd they have also exchanged prerecorded music tracks in for a live band for parts of their live shows.

The two recounted much of this information in an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig at Interview Magazine. They talked about their approach to making new music, why they release so many singles compared with just a handful of EPs and full-length albums, their goals for the future of their music, how they formed as a band and where they hope to go next.

The Success of Vijay Eswaran


There are many people around the world that want to learn how to build a successful business that will stand the test of time. However, few people understand how to build a business that is going to be profitable and fun to run at the same time. One of the most successful business owners in the world today is Vijay Eswaran. Vijay Eswaran is the founder and CEO of QNET, which is one of the largest companies in the world today. He was able to build his company from the ground up with a mission that helps others. Here are several things that anyone can learn from Vijay Eswaran on building a great business that impacts the world.

Scale Quickly

Perhaps the most important thing that we can learn from Vijay Eswaran is to scale quickly. He was able to take QNET from a relatively unknown company to one of the largest in the world in a relatively short period of time. When you know that you have a great product or service, do not be able to scale quickly in an attempt to gain more customers or total revenue over time. This is one of the most important lessons to learn from Vijay Eswaran and his building of QNET.

Know the Numbers

Even though Vijay Eswaran is great with people and building a business, he has also always been very connected to the financials of his company. Many times business owners do not enjoy getting in to the details of their finances. However, it is important to always remember to know the numbers that matter in the business. Any business owner that wants to build a business that is going to make it for several years should take this lesson from Vijay Eswaran. Vijay Eswaran can tell anyone many different aspects of the financials of the company that he owns, and every business owner should take on this example.

Help Others

Another great lesson to learn from Vijay Eswaran is to always help people in whatever you do. At the end of the day, QNET is one of the biggest helps to people around the world that want to learn how to manage and run their own business. There are many nations around the world where it is not as easy to start and run a business. However, with QNET people can now buy and sell goods online and keep a lot of the profits for themselves. This helps people that do not have the start up capital that is often times required in starting a business from scratch. Vijay Eswaran is a great person to learn from for anyone going in to business.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Early Careers

The success of the InnovaCare Health can be linked to the contributions of both Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto. Penelope Kokkinides is highly skilled and experienced in clinical programs and has in the past worked for both Medicare and Medicaid health plans. Other than working with different government agencies, he has worked with organizations such as Touchstone Health, AmeriChoice, Centerlight Health Care and the United Health Business Unit. She is propelled by the desire to address the existing disparities in the access to affordable and quality health care services. Before being appointed as the chief administrative officer in InnovaCare Health, she served as the chief operating officer and oversaw the introduction of customer-centric services and products. She is committed and passionate about her work and has helped create a positive organizational culture.


Rick Shinto serves as both the president and CEO of the InnovaCare group. He is one of the figures who have revolutionized the healthcare sector by the introduction of sustainable and affordable services. Rick Shinto began his medical career as a pulmonologist in Southern California. He has worked for other organizations such as MedPartners, Pathway Management Company, Cal Optimal Health plan, and NAMM California. In 2008, he became engaged with Aveta inc where he rose to become the CEO until its sale in 2012. While in Aveta, Rick Shinto received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He also received the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He is regarded as having played an essential role in ensuring that the marginalized communities have equal access to quality health care services. You can checkout for more details.



Health Care Management Services Offered by InnovaCare Health


The InnovaCare Health is located in North America and is one of the leading firms in the provision of healthcare management. While Rick Shinto serves as the CEO and President of the group, Penelope Kokkinides acts as the chief administrative officers. The two individuals have been instrumental in propelling the operations of the group into greater heights. The primary divisions of its services are Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. Through the use of emerging technologies, the group offers innovative and customer-centric services. The management believes that the needs of each client are different hence the urge to have strong provider-patient relationships. In 2011, the InnovaCare Health received accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Additionally, its members have grown over the years and now stands at more than 200, 000 registered members. For more details you can visit





Sheldon Lavin On His Business Mindset And Working As The Leader Of OSI Group

The business landscape has changed so much in the last decade and will continue to change. Sheldon Lavin has been in the business industry for many decades and has seen lots of change in his day. He, like many, attended university to really set his career up on stable ground. Sheldon went to Northwestern University, the University of Illinois and studied finance and accounting. Although he attended these universities, Lavin did not receive a degree, but earned one at Roosevelt University. The Chicago, Illinois based university is where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business.

His business career flourished from there. He put in the time, effort, and energy needed to build a success career. He started working for Otto and Sons, Inc. in 1970. It was the predecessor of his current company. Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Group, LLC. They are a food processing company that offer customized food options to its customers. They mainly specialize in processing all kinds of meat. Sheldon Lavin has been the biggest driving force behind the company since the 1970’s. Mr. Lavin is very talented and smart businessman, that big companies took notice. Sheldon had some had some conditions before joining the OSI Group. The main condition was that the company would continue its mission to expand and grow. McDonald’s the fast food chain, is one of OSI Group’s biggest business partners. They encouraged OSI to bring Sheldon Lavin on the team. They saw his work and potential, and wanted to exclusively work with him. Mr. Lavin was a large part of a joint oversees expansion effort with McDonald’s and OSI Group. In fact, OSI Group’s first oversees plant was solely dedicated to the McDonald’s corporation.

Sheldon has insight and can foresee changes in the industry before they arrive. He will prepare for certain food shortages by buying a lot of these products, so OSI Group can carry on with business like usual. On another note, Sheldon Lavin knew that technology would be a driving force in the future, back in his early career. Because he was aware of this growing force, Lavin was able to incorporate it into the company as time went on. Technology is great for marketing businesses, via social media. Mr. Lavin is innovative and smart enough to keep up with it. Another aspect that sets Sheldon apart from the crowd, is his ability to plan ahead for the future.

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Organo Gold is Helping Push the Coffee Culture Forward

Walking into a coffee shop is not limited to just picking up your morning Joe anymore, it’s a whole experience. Coined the third place, the coffee shop is a great way to wind down in a pleasing environment centered around coffee. The recent coffee culture may conjure images of the Pacific Northwest, but it initially started in Greenwich Village, New York in the 1960’s. It was only until the 1980’s that it traveled over to the west side of the United States.

Coffee is super versatile in the modern day. You can get the original drip coffee, espresso shots, blended coffee drinks, mochas, lattes, instant coffee, and so much more. Coffee really has come a very long way. At some point the popularity of brewing coffee at home struck a chord with consumers with the help or Folgers and Maxwell House. Now there are so many brands to choose from. These include very gourmet coffees like single origin and free trade blends. Starbucks is a coffee giant that has been around several decades revolutionizing the coffee culture experience. Local coffee shops are roasting their own beans making it more accessible for people to enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee. In addition to this, people are starting to roast their own beans at home. This provides a fresher and more distinctive cup of coffee for home brewers.


Organo Gold is one of the newest coffee brands to hit the scene. It started back in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, with a vision to provide consumer with healthy coffee and tea products, while creating entrepreneurs in the meanwhile. Organo Gold has branched out to create other products including body management and personal care. The unique component to Organo Gold is that it contains Ganoderma Lucidum. It is a mushroom that contains many health benefits including an antioxidants and nutrients.

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OSI Group – Expansion Strategy by Merging With Local Entities

OSI Food Solutions in the last decade has rapidly grown into the world’s largest food products suppliers. OSI group now boasts more than sixty facilities in about 18 countries around the world. The company has employed over 20,000 people around the world.

This food giant processor ranks as the largest privately owned food production company in the US. There are quite a large number of restaurant chains and retail brands that leverage OSI’s capabilities to attract more customers and win their confidence. Many clients will be comfortable eating some meat products supplied by OSI Food Solutions due to the company’s high reputation. With enough access to major world’s food farms and supply chains, the food products supplier – OSI is, therefore, able to negotiate good prices on the best products. The products are therefore able to fit the customers’ operations and match their culinary profiles as well. This is more so, especially now when the company is international and serving a very diverse food market.

OSI food solutions offer food products are formulated in the best way possible to hence satisfying quite a great number of tastes. The giant food company has a vast ability to reach the best farms in the world, hence can serve any customer’s taste. In the recent past, this company has been merging with other food giants and also acquiring some other companies too. This move has always been prompted by the need to learn the local needs of new markets they are venturing. E.g., the company has had to acquire Baho foods, a Dutch food company. This way, OSI was able to understand the local cuisines that are popular in the European market. Baho was acquired for the tidy sum of cash. Baho has over five subsidiaries operating in both Germany and the Netherland.

When opening their subsidiaries in India, the company also acquired a number of Indian companies so that they would understand and fit in the Indian food market too. In the Philippines, the company merged with a local food processing company and come up with GenOSI.

In the last couple of years, OSI Food Solutions has been working on expanding poultry business in China, Europe, and the United States due to increased demand. This could be due to the rising populations especially in countries like China. In Spain, they doubled the production of a Chicken processing facility. The pork processing facility in Toledo has also increased its production to 45,000 tons from the previous 20,000 tons.

Rocketship Education Does The Job That Regular Schools Decide To Do

There are so many problems that have plagued inner city areas, yet the government turns their back to such places. Images of many places in America show broken down streets and broken down buildings, even in cities that are more well known. The local schools do not do what they have to do to whip the kids into shape and deal with them based on the obvious circumstances. It is obvious that minority kids in poor areas have their own needs because of their cultures and the complex circumstances that surround them in American society. However, the government, as well as the schools, do not step in to do what has to be done.

This is why there is a strong need for charter schools. Private organizations with enough money and political pull open up schools in neighborhoods where there isn’t much around. These schools open up with the intention in mind to focus on the specific needs of kids. The schools are opened with the thought in mind that, yes, kids who live in these neighborhoods need to have a specific school setting tailored to them. Also, it is understood that many of these children have been forsaken by the education system, and that they just need to have close supervision and someone telling them from a young age that they should strive for the best.

Rocketship Education is one out of many companies that have started charter schools in inner-cities. The vast majority of their schools are located in California, but they also have some in other regions of the United States of America. Their schools can also be found in Milwaukee and Washington D.C.

Children in Rocketship Education schools wear specific uniforms. A policy of school uniforms is arguably the best to put in place because the topic of clothing is something that people really get petty about. Sometimes, clothing can take kids’ attentions away from things that are really important. Clothing can also distract children by creating a hierarchy of who has what.

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Pay your loan faster with Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia is one of the best upcoming financial firms in Australia. This company was set up in 2013 and has been part of the new companies which are providing revolutionary ideas which are meant to change the traditional ways of doing things. Infinity Group is focused on the people. Its main aim is to see the people live better lives by focusing on matters that help them secure their future. The way to achieve this is by ensuring that there is financial security for all people. Under the leadership of Graeme Holm, this company is determined to change the way people have been approaching the topic of financial freedom.




Infinity Group Australia is an organization that has a special focus on the things that matter to the people. While many people have been suffering due to lack of financial freedom and huge debts which have hindered the growth and even happiness in life, other companies have for all this time been silent despite seeing the challenges facing the people. For Graeme Holm, he was not going to keep silent and watch as the people suffer due to lack of knowledge on finances management. The matter is so important that it should never be left to the people to deal with in the manner they best know how to. Supporting Australians in financial management is one of the noble initiatives.




Graeme Holm started Infinity Group Australia after he looked at the matters at hand and realized that there was a lot that needed to be done to change the manner in which things are done in the country. Banks and other financial institutions are not giving the people what they need, banks are oppressive and are out to benefit from the mistakes that the people make, and this is a matter that Holm is out to correct. Many people who owe banks debts have fallen to a trap set by the same bank to earn profits from the loans they give out




The best way to deal with loans according to Graeme Holm, the founder of Infinity Group Australia is to pay off the loan in the shortest time possible. There is a huge amount of money which will go to the banks in the form of interest the longer you take to repay the loan. So, by tightening your budget, there is a likelihood that a loan can be repaid in a short time. Infinity Group Australia reviews show that the clients of this organization are happy with the result they are getting. Learn more :

The Luxury Living Boraie Development Has Brought through The Aspire

Most companies today look for a classy building to lease for offices. How an office looks may say much about the services offered there. Boraie Development is excited about the classy office building The Aspire is about to lease from it. The 17-story luxury building is not very far from the New Brunswick Train Station. Most people use this train station to access Philadelphia and Manhattan. Although there are some other luxury facilities in New Brunswick, The Aspire is expected to be a facility with premier luxury. These apartments are modernly designed, and it has spacious one-bedroom, executive studio, two-bedroom, and other full-service rooms. The residents of New Brunswick expect quality lifestyle and services once this luxury high rise is opened.


The New Jersey residents will also enjoy unmatched amenities from the retail centers and vibrant restaurants in this luxury high rise. Hiam Boraie is the Vice President of Boraie Development, and he says that the lifestyle The Aspire will offer is the high-end type. He said the residents wouldn’t be disappointed in any way since they would get what they deserve. The company is keen on the 24-hour on-site management and maintenance, security, and superior service offerings to meet the residents’ desire. Hiam says the apartment has a world-class garage with a direct elevator. The floor plans of this luxury building feature ceilings of between 9 to 10 feet.


According to NJBiz, the building also contains private, classy balconies and terraces. You can have the downtown’s great view from any of the apartments’ unit. Every residence of this magnificent high rise features wall-to-wall carpeted bedrooms, living areas with hardwood floors, and oversized windows. The gourmet kitchens of these sumptuous residences have in-home Bosch dryers and washers, stainless-steel appliances, quartz countertops, custom cabinetry, and glass tile backsplash. Boraie Development has done its best to ensure the bathrooms of these apartments have designer fixtures, showers and tubs with ceramic wall tiles, and porcelain floor tiles. Check out



Besides being wired to high-speed Internet and cable television, the units of these deluxe apartments have gas heating systems. Most people like the gas systems since they help them save a lot on the winter heating bills. The Aspire has ensured the residents can now enjoy a deluxe lounge area with well-designed pool table, 12-seat dining table, catering kitchen, extended outdoor terrace, and flat-screen televisions. Boraie says The Aspire has made New Brunswick a more glorious and sophisticated city. The Aspire has given the Art District residents in New Brunswick an opportunity enjoy the current shows, area offerings, and new restaurants.


Jason Hope: An advocate for a regenerative research

As an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jason Hope appreciated and supports unorthodox research projects and innovative thinking. After graduating with an MBA from Arizona State University, Hope went on to create the mobile communications company, Jawa. Using the profits from Jawa, Hope expanded his portfolio of investments to include companies that offer marketing services like search engine optimization, digital media solutions, computer and business information solutions, and interactive software. His portfolio allows him to pursue other interests and invest in companies and individuals. Read more about Jason Hope at

While he pursues many different projects and interests, his main philanthropic focus centers around anti-again research.

In 2010, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to SENS Research Foundation. SENS, or Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence,Research Foundation supports projects exploring the application of regeneration and anti-aging. The Foundation, which is a California-based non-profit organization, believes in a different approach to age-related diseases and is committed to developing and promoting rejuvenation biotechnologies.

Jason Hope’s donation helped to create the Cambridge SENS Laboratory and launch a new research program. He is concerned with the overall issue of human aging the debilitating diseases associated with the aging process. Jason Hope has philanthropic efforts and donations are largely focused on fighting conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis and diabetes from a regenerative medicine perspective. Rejuvenation biotechnologies, according to Jason Hope, is the next wave of scientific and medical advancement.

In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, Hope enjoys technology trends. In 2017, Hope wrote a piece for about the Internet of Things which he regards as the new wave of advancement. Jason Hope staunchly believes that connected technology, or the Internet of Things, has the potential to change the tech industry and the ways businesses operate. Hope envisions a world where any and all devices on the same network can sync to each other, moving smart technology from a convenience to a necessity.

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