Clay Hutson Goes The Extra Mile To Ensure His Clients Are Happy With His Work

Clay Hutson is an entrepreneur who serves clients in the music industry. He is known for his ability to pay close attention to what the artists he works with want, and he always delivers. He studied theatre design in college and also added to his experience by serving with various live entertainment companies. As a project manager and sound engineer, he can do everything that is needed to put together an extremely entertaining show that has fans coming back for more.

Clay Hutson was asked in a recent interview to reveal one of his favorite books. He commented that he loves the book “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, And It’s All Small Stuff.” The reason he likes the book so much is that it gave him a different perspective on how to approach life. While Hutson is known for his ability to pay attention to the most important details in his industry, in the past, he had troubles not focusing on the small, unimportant details that just got in the way. He revealed that this book has helped him to remain calm in the face of all of the chaos that takes place in the music industry.

Clay Hutson has been able to grow his own live entertainment company through hard work and maintaining an impeccable reputation. He takes pride in knowing that he is willing to work harder than the next guy in his industry. The artists he works with have always appreciated this fact about him, and this has motivated many of them to refer him to others. Hutson has work with Guns’n’Roses, Kid Rock, Pink, and Garbage in the past and continues to work with Kid Rock in the present.

Clay Hutson feels that he is a more productive entrepreneur because he always likes to plan ahead for any outcome. This has motivated him to always be many steps ahead of where everyone else is during a live show. During a show, Clay Hutson is already busy working out how to take everything down efficiently. This way he has everyone in place and ready to go when the show finally comes to an end.

Ryan Seacrest Tackles Busy Work Load

The efforts by Ryan Seacrest to manage two jobs has been astounding. He has been able to manage his role as a dual co-host and as a radio personality. Seacrest has been mentored by the late television personality, Dick Clark. Seacrest was advised that the viewers can never see you sweat. Today, he lives to manage a relationship with his long time girlfriend and settle for a glass of his favorite wine. The fans want to know; how does he get it all done and manage to still look good? Read the following review on how Ryan Seacrest manages his busy schedule.

His favorite role is his co-host position with Kelly Ripa on the Live with Kelly and Ryan Show. Together, they have been able to dominate daytime television. Seacrest has been an exceptional replacement for former co-host Regis Philbin and Michael Strahan of the Good Morning America Show. He admits that him and Ripa are actually good friends apart from the show. They have earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Records by having the most people doing the floss dance for a full minute in the Big Apple. Kelly and Ryan enlisted the help of their studio audience.

He is also a major executive producer for the E! hit series Keeping Up with The Kardashians. The show stars the popular reality television star Kim Kardashian. KUWTH is currently viewed in over 54.6 millions homes around the world. He is proud to say; the show has been up and running for the pass 7 years. He is also the host of the popular American Idol show where he is also an executive producer. Ryan Seacrest has been able to work alongside Simon Cowbell on the show for over 10 years. The show features rising musical talent that often moves on to stardom.

There has been many men that have been able to enjoy his laid back suit collection. The suit features a valuable casual collection for men. His men’s collection is available in select retail department stores around the world. Seacrest’s best kept secret is that he enjoys exercising in between breaks.

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Alex Pall: One Half of the Chainsmokers

DJ’s Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the members of the Chainsmokers, a DJ duo hailing from New York. They formed when the band’s current manager and friend to both Pall and Taggart, Adam Alpert, introduced them on the principle that they both wanted to move their DJ careers forward and he felt they could help each other out. He appears to have been right, as the two hit it off quickly and formed the Chainsmokers on the basis of their chemistry both in and out of music. Pall and Taggart both worked in different museums, but quit their respective jobs shortly after meeting and began rehearsing full-time, with Taggart moving to New York from his native Maine.


After their live debut in September of 2014 at Terminal 5 as the opening act for Timeflies, Pall and Taggart began releasing prerecorded music in the form of an album, various EPs and numerous free singles. The two enjoy collaboration, collaborating not only with each other on songs but also with other musicians. Their singles, released free via their website, offer a perfect opportunity for exploring not only working with other musicians, but also diving in to other genres of music that they enjoy. This frequent release of new material also has the benefit of keeping their fans satiated with a steady flow of new music.

Pall and Taggart enjoy stepping out of the traditional DJ role. They not only use other genres of music, they also write emotional songs that can feature one or both on vocals, As the two have begun performing singing duties in front of a live crowd they have also exchanged prerecorded music tracks in for a live band for parts of their live shows.

The two recounted much of this information in an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig at Interview Magazine. They talked about their approach to making new music, why they release so many singles compared with just a handful of EPs and full-length albums, their goals for the future of their music, how they formed as a band and where they hope to go next.

Alex Pall, Prior Happenings

In the city of New York the two people of the Chainsmokers were Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart who made a wonderful blend of musical tastes and styles that infringed upon the normal expectations of what hip hop, dance, indie, and electronic music should be. They met in the conventional way thru the talents and the help of their now still active musical manager who recommended Andrew Taggart to Alex Pall during the time he was working away as an assistant for the art exhibit he was responsible for.

Alex had two gigs going on and while he put in work at the art store he also did music gigs for local business men and their places of interest where Alex Pall would play electronic dance music for the people there. Andrew at the time had been at college in the location of Maine where he would study the ins and outs of the music industry while practicing his DJ chops on the side. He also did local gigs around where he lived much like Alex Pall did with his musical system at the time which inevitably proved to be a striking similarity and advantage they both shared.

Both of them were deep into the underground world of electronic dance music and both played electronic dance music gigs where they gained the majority of their earlier experiences on their musical path to the top. Andrew Taggart was just about to go the the Los Angeles University to finish his degree in the music business until a messenger came and told him the inside scoop on what was going on in Alex Pall’s situation.

The two then met shortly afterwards and then they immediately clicked on an existential level and thus commenced the musical journey that awaited them all these years when they were unsure if all their efforts would pay off. In good timing it did pay off in the long run because they did not quit what it was that they went for and the two now enjoy their careers and lives where they both grow and ever blossom into the musical entrepreneurs they were destined to become.