Genucel Products by Chamonix Are a Game-Changer for Your Beauty Routine

Everyone wants to age gracefully, and Genucel products give you the power to do it. The anti-aging products by Chamonix have been carefully formulated to help firm up the skin, reduce puffiness and even to help repair cell damage to make the skin look healthier and younger.

Genucel products have been tested on human volunteers so that you can feel safe using their products. Their products have gained a reputation for working and for helping the skin to regain its elasticity.

As we age, our skin tends to lose its elasticity which is one of the contributing factors of aging. This loss of elasticity can cause wrinkles, bags, and puffiness. Skin also tends to get thinner as we age and Genucel products have been formulated to combat these issues.

Genucel uses potent ingredients such as Eyeseryl that is a tetrapeptide that reduces swelling and puffiness around the eyes. Genucel products such as their Plant Stem Cell Therapy and Genucel XV contain twice as much of this ingredient as many of the other anti-aging products currently on the market.

You will also find PhytoCellTec and an algal extract which are ingredients that help the skin cells to rejuvenate more rapidly as well as strengthen the skin. Algal extract is an anti-inflammatory that helps to protect the skin from toxins that may have accumulated within the body, reports

Genucel offers a complete system for fighting the signs of aging known as The Genucel System. This System includes four anti-aging products that offer immediate effects. It also includes an extra Genucel gift. Most people who use this system notice results within five minutes of application. Genucel also offers a jawkine treatment that helps to make the skin on the jawline, neck, and chin to look tightened and less droopy. Genucel products are a great alternative to plastic surgery and do not come with the many unwanted side effects of having a plastic surgery procedure performed.

If you begin to use Genucel products, it’s important o stop any life habits that may inhibit the full benefits of using their products such as smoking or vaping. It is important to stay hydrated and to wear proper protection such as a hat and sunscreen while in the sun. Losing excess weight and exercising are also a great way to look your best. You should also tone your facial muscles which will help to reduce puffiness and wrinkles.


Doe Deere is the Female Entrepreneur You Need to Know

Doe Deere, the Russian-born, New York-raised CEO of the cosmetics company LimeCrime, launched her company in 2008. Since then, she’s enjoyed enormous success.

Deere got her start in 2004 when she began selling used and vintage clothes on eBay. “I modeled everything myself, and wanted my whole look to be on-brand, so bold makeup became my staple,” she said in describing her humble start. It was at this point that she found her passion and began thinking about creating a makeup line, since makeup in bold colors were difficult to find. Finding your passion is the first step in achieving a successful career, since working for something you believe in and care deeply about isn’t really working at all.

Through the experience of running her eBay business, Deere expanded her skill set. It’s always easiest to grow a skill set than to learn one from scratch, and so she rolled her experience from modeling clothes into her beauty brand. As CEO of LimeCrime, she has is no typical day – Deere does a little bit of everything to keep her company running.

Doe Deere has never shied away from a problem, preferring to tackle it head-on. When LimeCrime faced controversy over rumors that Deere simply repackaged wholesale products rather than manufacturing her own, she pursued litigation against those spreading false rumors in order to preserve the integrity of her brand. While those rumors could have crushed her business, Deere prevailed and LimeCrime still enjoys a dedicated cult following.

Throughout, Deere has always been open to learning from others. Taking inspiration from style icons such as Dita von Teese, she remixes her inspiration into a style that’s uniquely her own. Her biggest tip for entrepreneurs is to “Listen, listen, listen… I listen to my employees, to my customers, even to people who don’t like me – there’s always something to learn if you’re just willing to open up your ears and mind.” Learn more:

The most important thing for any entrepreneur is, of course, a willingness to take risks. Doe Deere exemplifies risk-taking in every aspect of her presence and her company – from her unnaturally colored hair and bold, bright colors she stocks in her store to her passion for women-supported businesses.

While some people dislike Deere and LimeCrime, Deere doesn’t let herself get defined by the haters. Her passion and dedication towards LimeCrime are what sets her apart from the rest of the crowd. Learn more here: