Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Early Careers

The success of the InnovaCare Health can be linked to the contributions of both Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto. Penelope Kokkinides is highly skilled and experienced in clinical programs and has in the past worked for both Medicare and Medicaid health plans. Other than working with different government agencies, he has worked with organizations such as Touchstone Health, AmeriChoice, Centerlight Health Care and the United Health Business Unit. She is propelled by the desire to address the existing disparities in the access to affordable and quality health care services. Before being appointed as the chief administrative officer in InnovaCare Health, she served as the chief operating officer and oversaw the introduction of customer-centric services and products. She is committed and passionate about her work and has helped create a positive organizational culture.


Rick Shinto serves as both the president and CEO of the InnovaCare group. He is one of the figures who have revolutionized the healthcare sector by the introduction of sustainable and affordable services. Rick Shinto began his medical career as a pulmonologist in Southern California. He has worked for other organizations such as MedPartners, Pathway Management Company, Cal Optimal Health plan, and NAMM California. In 2008, he became engaged with Aveta inc where he rose to become the CEO until its sale in 2012. While in Aveta, Rick Shinto received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He also received the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He is regarded as having played an essential role in ensuring that the marginalized communities have equal access to quality health care services. You can checkout crunchbase.com for more details.



Health Care Management Services Offered by InnovaCare Health


The InnovaCare Health is located in North America and is one of the leading firms in the provision of healthcare management. While Rick Shinto serves as the CEO and President of the group, Penelope Kokkinides acts as the chief administrative officers. The two individuals have been instrumental in propelling the operations of the group into greater heights. The primary divisions of its services are Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. Through the use of emerging technologies, the group offers innovative and customer-centric services. The management believes that the needs of each client are different hence the urge to have strong provider-patient relationships. In 2011, the InnovaCare Health received accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Additionally, its members have grown over the years and now stands at more than 200, 000 registered members. For more details you can visit openminds.com



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Barbara Stokes: Leading The Way In Alabama Disaster Relief

There is no question Barbara Stokes is an individual who is experienced and dedicated. She is definitely up to the challenge of disaster relief. This is because she has the innate and leadership ability of learning from the past mistakes regarding other natural disaster situations. For example, she realizes that Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was a logistical nightmare, and she wanted to do things differently in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

What was so bad about Hurricane Katrina? Well, plenty of things. First of all, there was no training for best responders before Katrina. Moreover, before Katrina, only 40% of those polled had confidence in their disaster relief plan. After Katrina, FEMA invested $2 million to get local relief organizations ready for the next disaster. The next poll showed that 80% of people were confident that their community was ready for a natural disaster. Not only that, but communication has improved, and disaster relief plans for disaster shelters even include plans for family pets.

After the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, the federal government put out some competitive request for proposals to compete for contracts, and one of the awards went to a small Alabama company to make 28.5 million dollars worth of FEMA-manufactured homes, including delivery of these dwellings as well. This company was Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Huntsville, Alabama. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes has a lot to say about this process. First of all, Barbara’s company is uniquely able to help with disaster because of Barbara’s advanced experience working with government agencies. Her time with Pisces and Boeing Corporation served her well in this regard. What sets Barbara’s company apart is her ability to get things done with these government agencies.

Barbara’s Green Structure Homes is definitely also dedicated to using the most advanced Techniques in her manufactured home construction plan. This would include the employment of an engineering team directly in-house. Make no bones about it, with Barbara Stokes on the job there is no hurricane that will be a match for her infrastructure, organization, and logistical management. She and her company will do everything in their power to get people back on their feet, even if it is a natural disaster of Charlie’s or Katrina’s proportions!

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