Steve Ritchie Is One Of The Biggest People In Pizza

Steve Ritchie has been in the pizza industry for almost his entire career even before he began working with Papa John’s. While he may have only been a customer service representative for the pizza giant when he began working for them in 1996, he is not the company’s Chief Executive officer and is working hard to grow the brand globally as well as promoting awareness at the same time. There are many big plans in the works for Papa John’s from their Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie. They are working towards creating the most inclusive company that they are capable of while making sure that the quality of food and customer service is top notch.

With Louisville, Kentucky as the hometown of Steve Ritchie, he attended Seneca High School in his youth and now lives in Hikes Point. After he purchased a pizzeria in his hometown before joining the team at Papa Jonh’s, Steve Ritchie was working 14 hour days and 7 days a week. He realized early on how much dedication owning a pizzeria required and continued this work ethic when he began with the 3rd largest pizza company in the entire world. Owning this pizzeria may have been hard work, but it instilled a sense of passion for the industry and he realized that he wanted to make the pizza business his career.

In 2006, Steve Ritchie became the owner of a pizza place once again when he became a franchisee for Papa John’s which eventually led to a promotion to Chief Operating Officer of Papa John’s in 2014. He was included on the Forty under Forty list from Louisville Business First a year before becoming Chief Operating Officer. Hard work and dedication are things that are valued in business and by Steve Ritchie on a personal level. He has been consistently working with Papa John’s since he began with them over 20 years ago even when he was working as an operations consultant for the Calistoga Bakery Cafe from 2008 to 2011. There are big plans for the future of Papa John’s and for his own career.