David McDonald: 31 Years of Growing with OSI Group

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group a company that specializes in processing meat products. The company came into being before the first world war and has been successful ever since. Otto Kolschowsky who established was the company was a German immigrant living in Chicago. The company has expanded over time through acquisition and establishing new facilities in different parts of the world. Its latest addition is the Dutch company called Baho Foods which specializes in lunch meats and other convenience foods.

On graduating from college where he had studied animal Science David McDonald joined OSI Group where he had to start from the bottom. The company makes its profits from providing innovative products to companies around the world. He credits the profitability of OSI group to the fact that the company has managed to create relationships with others that have been beneficial. With the company vision being meeting and going beyond what customers expect it is not unusual that they have been so successful. He points out that since OSI Group is a private company they are able to bring flexible solutions to their customers.

When OSI Group enters a particular market they endeavor to become part of the local culture and learn as much as possible about it. This way when they come up with products they are the kind that is accepted by the customers in that area. For a business to be successful especially in terms of making sales and building a solid client base there is a need to for them to be seen as trustworthy by clients and prospective clients. According to David McDonald, this is an important part of the OSI Group business practice.

Expanding a business and seeing it grow is an important and very satisfying part of running a business. David McDonald says that the successful establishment of an OSI Group in China has been his most satisfying moment while working for the company. He hopes that the company keeps growing and coming up with innovative products for its clients.

About David McDonald

David Macdonald has been at OSI Group for the last 31 years. He attended Iowa State University where he was a member of Alpha Gamma Rho.

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