Talkspace Partners With Others To Assure Mental Health Of Amerians

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has partnered with Talkspace, a company that offers mental health services to patients online. The champion swimmer has agreed to take part in a national television campaign seeks to negate many of the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding sufferers of mental illness.

Talkspace matches users of its platform with a licensed therapist that can be accessed via computers, smartphones, and tablets. Phelps is looking to provide encouragement for individuals in need of Talkspace services by publicly sharing his own experience with both anxiety and depression. Phelps will also collaborate with the company’s board of advisors to contribute to ongoing strategy discussions.

Oren Frank, the chief executive officer at Talkspace explained through a prepared statement that the knowledge that Michael Phelps possesses regarding mental health advocacy, along with this dedication to affect a positive effect on the community makes him a great asset to the Talkspace family.

Mental health has been a hot topic in American debate circles in recent years due to the epidemic of mass shootings and other happenings but despite the evidence that society is more willing to approach this subject, Talkspace has observed that misconceptions regarding those suffering from mental illness still exist.

The most important theme that Talkspace and Phelps want to communicate to all with their media campaign is that anyone, regardless of wealth or social status, can be affected by mental health issues. Michael Phelps has expressed that during the year of 2014, he had “lost all hope” despite the fact that many viewed his life to be an overwhelming success.

Talkspace has also entered into another partnership recently that will serve to make their services more available to those that need them. This partnership is with the company New Directions, which provides behavioral health services. The partnership will result in customers of New Directions to gain access to the Talkspace platform as part of the company’s Employee Assistance Program.

Chief Executive Officer Lee Tuveson, of New Directions Behavioral Health, says that his company’s partnership with Talkspace will make it easier and more convenient for individuals to access the services from licensed therapy own terms that are acceptable to them.