Learning About Organo Gold Through Their Facebook Posts

The things that a company will share on social media shows what that company is all about and helps people to understand the work that the company is doing. There are times when a company will use social media to offer contests to their followers and to help spread the word about all that they are doing in that way. Organo Gold has done that with a recent post. Watch this video on Youtube. They put up a contest on their Facebook profile for anyone who has interacted with the company in the past. Those who have experience with the company can share their story for a chance to win an Organo Gold hat.

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The Organo Gold also shares updates regarding the company, including a post from the company celebrating the years that they have been around. This post shared the news that the company has been around for a decade. It shared a message from the CEO of the company. Bernard Chua shared that he is excited for the future of the company and he is happy with the success that the company has found so far. The Organo Gold Facebook profile helps people follow along with the company on its journey to become bigger and better. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.