How One Prominent Blogger Found Out About Neurocore

Michelle Olson-Rogers is a popular blogger and a mother. Her website, Modern Boca Mom, helps women, especially other mothers, as a resource for them to access when they need help running a business, traveling, and holding an event. She also supplies product recommendations as well as general support. She also uses the website to raise money for both local and national nonprofits as well as raising general awareness of good causes. She is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

As a prominent blogger, she was invited by Neurocore to check out their local Brain Performance Center so she could get a first-hand look at what they are all about. Neurocore helps people achieve better mental acuities, such as being better able to concentrate. This can be really helpful for everyone, especially someone like Michelle Olson-Rogers who is running her own business.

Neurocore offers their services to everyone ages five and up. It can treat mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, autism, and more. What Michelle Olson-Rogers hoped to get out of her sessions was finding out she multitasks and how often. The initial assessment showed her this information which she was pretty happy with.

The first thing Michelle noticed when going into the Brain Performance Center was that it wasn’t all like she was expecting. She was expecting a dry, sterile environment like a doctor’s office. Instead, each Neurocore location is much more modern with an open-setting. She says it felt a lot more like a great coffee shop than a medical facility. This type of environment is exactly what Neurocore is going for as they want their clients to feel comfortable when doing their sessions. Read more about Neurocore at

Each client first does an Initial Assessment. Michelle said this involved putting a gel on her skull and then having a brain cap placed over it. This brain cap has the EEG sensors which map the client’s brain. After this was completed, which she described as fun, the Brain Performance Center clinicians created a comprehensive report of what the brain scans and tests showed about her brain. A clinician then talked her through the report and showed what it meant.

Once someone completes this initial assessment they can come back in for sessions. Each session involves watching a movie and being rewarded for concentrating on it. This positive feedback results in a brain that can better handle stress and can much more easily concentrate on things.


5 Traits of Successful Individuals Inspired by Jose Hawilla

Many people take a lifetime researching what they need to know to be successful investors. There is no definite route to the top. However, they are common characteristics and principles that the pioneers in the entrepreneurship world have in common.




They are Risk Takers

You have savings that you need to invest in this big idea that you have been having all along, but you won’t do it because you are afraid you may fail and lose everything.

Well, that is what you may be doing wrong. Successful investors are not afraid of failing. When they identify a valid idea, they do everything to make it a success.

They Seek Advice from Other People

Many people do not want to talk about their ideas until they come to life. When this may be a principle that is encouraged, it can be the reason you are not succeeding yet.

Share your ideas with other people to get their opinion and criticisms. This will help you weigh the validity of the business idea.

They are Great Savers

Many people begin start-ups that turn out very successful. However, they begin using these funds in buying accessories for their houses, upgrading their car model and cloths. This is totally okay, but it should be done in moderation.

Successful individuals are good savers. The savings help them save the business in case anything happens.

They are Time Conscious

The value of time management is underrated. Many people lose their fortune because of time wastage.

Successful investors like Jose Hawilla know the value of time management and that is how they acquired everything they have today. They sacrificed having a good time with their friends to focus on their goals.

They Stay Focused on their Goal

You just started your business and set the goals that you need to accomplish. However, halfway the goal, you get another idea that sounds more profitable and decide to divert and evaluate that idea first. That is where you might be going wrong. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Successful people do not get distracted. They stay focused on their vision until it comes to reality.

Jose Hawilla, the co-owner of the Traffic Company, began the firm with his partners with very few resources. With patience and focus on their goal, they are now running the best marketing firm in sports. It is known in the whole of Brazil.



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