Betsy DeVos Sets Sights on Innovation Within the Department of Education

Betsy DeVos was brought on by President Donald Trump to operate as the Secretary of Education for the United States government. DeVos was added to an administration that has been increasingly focused on bringing in an outsider’s perspective to the top positions in the United States. DeVos appeared in D.C. after spending most of her career as a private citizen and activist for school choice. DeVos’ lack of a national profile is actually one of the highlights of her appointment and as such, there is definitely a reason to get to know a little bit about her. Let’s take a moment to really see where Betsy DeVos came from in order to see where she is going to take the Department of Education over the next several years.


Betsy DeVos was born in Michigan and raised in a small Dutch community in the city of Holland. Betsy was born into a wealthy family and her brother has only amplified his net-worth, founding the private security firm known as Blackwater. However, despite her immense wealth, it was clear that Betsy DeVos desired to be so much more than just another wealthy heiress. DeVos left her hometown in order to attend Calvin College. At Calvin College, she would meet her future husband, Dick DeVos, and together the two would create a dynamic duo that would eventually become the strongest political family in all of Michigan. At Calvin College, Betsy DeVos would learn of Milton Friedman and his work regarding the concept of school choice. DeVos would find this to be an incredibly important topic and that led her to become an activist throughout Michigan.


Before coming onto the radar of President Donald Trump, DeVos would establish herself as a school choice activist in the private capacity. DeVos would establish two separate school choice charities while reforming the Potter’s House Christian School in order to make it an icon of the school choice movement. At the Potter’s House Christian School the DeVos family would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars alongside countless hours of their own personal time trying to renovate the facility. With the Potter’s House seeing immense success with students, DeVos would turn to help spread the school choice movement to a national level. Today, seventeen states with over 33 institutions and a quarter of a million students are now engaging with the school choice movement.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos will be tasked with not only balancing the agenda of President Trump and the GOP but of also following her own ideals. Betsy DeVos has stood for faith, family, and school choice throughout her career and she’ll put those concepts at the top of her list before considering politics. Having someone like Betsy DeVos in the Secretary of Education is a core concept of Trump’s decision to drain the swamp and his desire to drain the swamp. DeVos’ strong willpower and commitment to her ideals shows that she is more than capable of bringing school choice to the rest of nation.


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