ECU Endorses Gil Cisneros In The 2018 CA Democratic Primary

Gil Cisneros, a self-funded millionaire, has been endorsed by the End Citizen United.

The ECU does not like the United States Supreme Court decision of 2010 called Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. This decision allows groups to give as much as they can to political candidates in America without limits. The ECU feels that groups have too much influence on politicians due to the amount of money that they give and the wishes of the people are not being heard. They have endorsed candidates throughout the US since 2015.

Gil Cisneros is a politician running in the 2018 Democratic primary in California in the 39th Congressional District. He only became a Democrat in 2015.

The ECU usually endorses Democratic candidates like Cisneros, but he does not really need their money. He won $268 million in the lottery and he is not necessary for him to take money from this political action committee or anybody else.

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Cisneros believes that an eighties Republican would be a Democrat in 2018. He cites that Ronald Reagan would be a Democrat today since he signed bills in the ’80s like the Brady bill and the immigration amnesty bill of 1986. A Republican president in 2018 would not have signed bills like these.

So far, Cisneros has given no good reason why he is running in the Democratic primary. It seems that he is only running because he won the lottery. Operatives and activists have only heard of him due to mailers.

When Cisneros went to the candidate training session in Washington, DC, he only stayed there for about 10 to 20 minutes at this session. Howie Klein of Blue America, a group that raises money for progressive political candidates, got the impression that Cisneros just wants to be able to pass around a business card that says “congressman” on it.

Cisneros does seem to have some talent in lining up support for his candidacy as the endorsement by End Citizens United shows.

Whether he actually wins or not is up to the voters.