Brazilian Entrepreneur Jose Hawilla Gives Some Insight Into His Success During Chat Session

Brazilian entrepreneur Jose Hawilla is the current owner of Traffic, one of Brazil’s top sports marketing companies. Born in Sao Paulo, Hawilla is a huge fan of the football club Palmeiras. Hawilla is married with three children.

Hawilla is also a famous journalist, and he currently owns a network of newspapers in Sao Paulo, including Bom Dia Bauru, Good Morning Rio Preto, and Good Morning Marilla. Hawilla also famously purchased The Diario Popular, the classic Diario de Sao Paulo newspaper.

Hawilla worked as a radio and television reporter for networks such as Rede Globo and TV Bandeirantes. Hawilla has covered sporting events such as The Olympics and World Cup. Hawilla continues to be around sports through Traffic, who helped complete the sponsorship contract between Nike and The Brazilian National football team. Traffic also currently owns the trade rights of The World Cup Qualifiers and Copa America.

Recently, Hawilla participated in a chat session with students and entrepreneurs in Sao Jose do Rio Preto. Hawilla offered the students tips and advice on how he became successful. Well over 400 people showed up to listen to Hawilla explain what he believes it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Check out

Hawilla said that the future of the sport will still rely on television. Hawilla says that pursuing success is easier when you are well informed about your chosen professional field. Hawilla admires how today’s young people currently seek information. Hawilla says that as long as people are pursuing information, they have a great opportunity to grow in life. Hawilla believes that people need to be inspired in order to make things happen. Hawilla also discussed technology, economics, and politics during the chat session. You can check out Wikipedia for the details.

Hawilla emphasized the importance of winning. Hawilla believes that people have to be aggressive and avoid simply waiting for their opportunities to come. Hawilla was happy with the chat session, which lasted for 2 hours. Hawilla felt that everyone was interested in what he had to say. The chat session was promoted by The Commercial and Industrial Association.

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