Betsy DeVos- Educational Reformer And Political Fighter

Betsy DeVos is the new US Education Secretary who has been making a lot of waves in education since her appointment. In addition, she has conducted several interviews, including one with “60 Minutes.” Despite her controversial views, she remains firm on her points and has never shied away from talking about educational choice. While many people don’t understand how it works, she continues to prove that it’s best to put students first when it comes to education.


Educational reform in America is not a new topic, but it has grown in popularity since the rise of DeVos. She has campaigned across the country trying to change educators’ minds about educational choice, but it continues to be an issue of contention. Many educators in public school don’t believe that public funding isn’t being used for private schools, although DeVos says that it just isn’t true.


In her interview with Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes,” she was questioned about all of the issues with educational choice, including comparisons made to standardized testing and Common Core Method. These reforms have been shown to improve test scores recently. However, DeVos has said that while test scores may have improved after many years, America is still down in reading comprehension and math skills worldwide.


These issues won’t go away quickly, but DeVos feels like educational choice is a solution for the problems facing students now in America’s school system. Educational choice provides multiple ways for students to find education if they don’t want to go to the school where they are zoned. These issues have caused considerable problems for students and parents, as they try to find suitable schools for their kids.


Often, that involves going to a new school. Educational choice provides that opportunity through magnet programs, virtual schools, homeschooling, charter schools, and private schools. Most states have yet to include more educational choice options. However, DeVos cites Florida and Louisiana as having the most educational choice programs. Students in Florida can pick from all types of schools, and they get a tuition-based scholarship if they are accepted into the program.


Philanthropy has largely paved the way for private choice. DeVos has donated over $35 million to education, and she has co-founded her own charter school in West Michigan. She states that students deserve to have the most options available to them, which is why she has constantly fought for education reform and provided funding where she can. She has major donors on her side, as well. Some of these donors include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton.


As DeVos continues her fight in Washington for education, she has also had to work with school safety legislature. In 2018, many new policies were put into action ahead of the 2018-2019 school year. These new safety precautions help schools maintain their campus safety without the addition of more guns, which is something DeVos stated wasn’t the answer in her interview with “60 Minutes.”


DeVos will continue to work with state leaders for the rest of her term, trying to get more leaders to adopt educational policies in their states.


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Steve Ritchie Is One Of The Biggest People In Pizza

Steve Ritchie has been in the pizza industry for almost his entire career even before he began working with Papa John’s. While he may have only been a customer service representative for the pizza giant when he began working for them in 1996, he is not the company’s Chief Executive officer and is working hard to grow the brand globally as well as promoting awareness at the same time. There are many big plans in the works for Papa John’s from their Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie. They are working towards creating the most inclusive company that they are capable of while making sure that the quality of food and customer service is top notch.

With Louisville, Kentucky as the hometown of Steve Ritchie, he attended Seneca High School in his youth and now lives in Hikes Point. After he purchased a pizzeria in his hometown before joining the team at Papa Jonh’s, Steve Ritchie was working 14 hour days and 7 days a week. He realized early on how much dedication owning a pizzeria required and continued this work ethic when he began with the 3rd largest pizza company in the entire world. Owning this pizzeria may have been hard work, but it instilled a sense of passion for the industry and he realized that he wanted to make the pizza business his career.

In 2006, Steve Ritchie became the owner of a pizza place once again when he became a franchisee for Papa John’s which eventually led to a promotion to Chief Operating Officer of Papa John’s in 2014. He was included on the Forty under Forty list from Louisville Business First a year before becoming Chief Operating Officer. Hard work and dedication are things that are valued in business and by Steve Ritchie on a personal level. He has been consistently working with Papa John’s since he began with them over 20 years ago even when he was working as an operations consultant for the Calistoga Bakery Cafe from 2008 to 2011. There are big plans for the future of Papa John’s and for his own career.

Agera Energy Solutions

There are not two different consumers that have identical price awareness, environment awareness, or electrical or power necessities. Though more crucial, there is not one individual person that wants to afford a whole day or a bunch of long weeks going through complex goods from disorderly power providers.

This is where Agera Energy changed the way things go, for eternity.

Agera Energy offers a single-hault-retailer for power providance, skillfulness and inspection service. Organized packaged and easy to integrate, their method is to place their point in time on your month-to-month invoice, not by snagging intruding mensurations to your residence or organizational physical structure.

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Icon Woman In Craftsmanship – Ashley Brasier Of Lightspeed Venture

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you believe in the magical things an idea can transform a life to an icon status? Ever read about the women making breathtaking headlines when it comes to the world of venturing into living an iconic lifestyle as a business pro? Well our article concerns about the world of Ashley Brasier of Ashley Lightspeed venture.

Who is this woman? Ashley is not very famous when it comes to mentioning celebrities but she is a celeb in her own style of making headlines. She is known to be a graduate from duke and later joined Copenhagen. She is the woman to mention when talking about the list of big names making great respected moves in following desires, ideas to realizing them to real-life achievements. See more of Ashley at

To her prototyping is a tool in the entrepreneur’s tool box that enables you to fail fast and iterate faster. Ashley desires and generated motives grow exceptionally when she was living at Bain where she stood to follow her dream of doing more operational work and explore the world of Silicon Valley. This opened up her mind and abilities of the magical art to see into the future and started identifying and supporting trends before they become established.

At Stanford when she was exploring to start her own company which involved consulting projects. She made this as a building block to financially support her venture. Ashley Lightspeed is a renown iconic woman with dozens of achievements in business where she took her soul – grounded seeds of successful thinking abilities and the courage of the unbreakable entrepreneur to bring ideas into realities.

She joined Ashley Lightspeed investing team which is a world recognized company that uses it employees’ abilities to see the future and make the moves of bringing big business strategies.

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JD.Com Partners with Paramount and Hasbro

JD.Com is undoubtedly the largest retailer in China, and any partnership with them results in massive revenue creation thanks to their extensive market coverage. China has the largest population, and many movie entities seek to exploit this number advantage. The Chinese also have a booming movie industry and, therefore, to get their audience you have to come up with a movie that targets extraordinary stretches of imaginations. was founded in 1998 by Liu Qiangdong, and it is also famously known as Jingdong a name coined from the two names; Liu’s second name and his ex-wife’s name.

A Quick Recap of Bumblebee

The New Transformers Movie has the character Bumblebee who is one of the main characters in the movie. Bumblebee finds refuge in a deserted garage at the beach of a Californian town. He has lost track of his family and friends and is, therefore, undergoing through a lot of stress. It is at this point that Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), a young engineer, discovers Bumblebee who has scars from a previous war battle and is broken. Charlie tries to fix him and realizes that Bumblebee is not an ordinary transformer machine. Henceforth, they become the best of friends and accompany one another in every little adventure.

Partnership History

JD.Com has a brief history with Hasbro and the Transformers franchise. In 2017, they released a red mini short that was imprinted with Optimus Prime and Red Knight (other Transformers’ character). This particular brand became favorite to many customers especially kids who found the concept fascinating. The mini shorts are also available for men who love sci-fi movies. JD and Hasbro have come up with a short film about Red Knight, which is only available on JD.

The partnership of Hasbro and Paramount with JD.Com has led to the success of The Transformers movie in the Chinese Market. In the coming years with new releases from the franchise, there is no doubt that there will be exciting expeditions amongst the trio. Their partnership has achieved enormous success, and we can only expect more of that and nothing less.

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Robert Deignan: Counseling Professionals on Ways to Effectively Manage Business

Robert Deignan is an entrepreneur who managed to become successful simply because he envisioned success and stuck to a plan to a achieve it. After attending Purdue University on the full scholarship he received as a senior in high school and graduating in 1995 with his hard earned Business Management degree, Deignan played in the NFL from 1997 to 1998 for the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. Following his professional football career, Deignan then decided that he wanted to follow-thru with his other passion—the business of information technology. After developing a company AppEsteem Corp,ATS,Businessman,FanLink,iS3,Robert Deignan,Tech-oriented institutions, technology, CEO, inbound call, ATS Digital Services, Microsoft, Network+,Cisco, AppEsteemby the name of Fanlink, Inc. (lasted 2 years) and working as the Executive Vice President of iS3 for a period of nine years, Deignan landed a position working for an Anti-Malware Software Company that required the use of his knowledge in remote technology applications to troubleshoot technical issues. Nonetheless, after witnessing the success of the application, Robert Deignan came up with the idea to launch his own company (ATS Digital Services) in August 2011. As of today, the Boca Raton, Florida based company has become one of the most convenient/essential global customer service applications in the IT industry.

According to an online article discussing Robert Deignan’s success, Deignan mentions that there are 5 critical steps to follow in order to acquire business success. As related by Deignan, the number one thing that professionals should do when endeavoring in business is to follow one’s own instinct. Trusting in oneself to base their most critical decisions upon feeling is an essential skill in business. Second and thirdly, Robert Deignan advises professionals to analyze the data involving the success of the business and to hire those who are most suitable to work for the business. However, when the hiring is to be done, Deignan also advises against hiring those are relatives or friends. Doing so could prove to be problematic towards the efficacy of business. Last of all, Robert Deignan relates that is an essential factor for the growth of the business to allow oneself to take time during the day to reset in order to boost creativity.

David McDonald: 31 Years of Growing with OSI Group

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group a company that specializes in processing meat products. The company came into being before the first world war and has been successful ever since. Otto Kolschowsky who established was the company was a German immigrant living in Chicago. The company has expanded over time through acquisition and establishing new facilities in different parts of the world. Its latest addition is the Dutch company called Baho Foods which specializes in lunch meats and other convenience foods.

On graduating from college where he had studied animal Science David McDonald joined OSI Group where he had to start from the bottom. The company makes its profits from providing innovative products to companies around the world. He credits the profitability of OSI group to the fact that the company has managed to create relationships with others that have been beneficial. With the company vision being meeting and going beyond what customers expect it is not unusual that they have been so successful. He points out that since OSI Group is a private company they are able to bring flexible solutions to their customers.

When OSI Group enters a particular market they endeavor to become part of the local culture and learn as much as possible about it. This way when they come up with products they are the kind that is accepted by the customers in that area. For a business to be successful especially in terms of making sales and building a solid client base there is a need to for them to be seen as trustworthy by clients and prospective clients. According to David McDonald, this is an important part of the OSI Group business practice.

Expanding a business and seeing it grow is an important and very satisfying part of running a business. David McDonald says that the successful establishment of an OSI Group in China has been his most satisfying moment while working for the company. He hopes that the company keeps growing and coming up with innovative products for its clients.

About David McDonald

David Macdonald has been at OSI Group for the last 31 years. He attended Iowa State University where he was a member of Alpha Gamma Rho.

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Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a qualified professional who holds the MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He passed his bachelors from Princeton University and then persued his masters. Prior to joining the Fortress Group Peter Briger worked for Goldman Sachs as a partner. There he served as overseeing the processes in various areas of business. He has always maintained his responsibility before joining Fortress Investment and worked for various institutions. Read the article at Wikipedia to learn more.

Peter Briger was announced as the Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Groups Board of Directors. Since the year 2009, he has continuously been a member of the board of directors at the company and has been providing his best services to the firm. In 2002 he also served as the Management Committee member at the Fortress Groups. He is held responsible for managing Credit and Property business at the firm.

In March 2002 before joining Fortress, he worked for fifteen years at Goldman, Sachs and Co., wherein 1996 he turned into an accomplice. At Tipping Point, he has also served on the board. Tipping Point was a non-benefit association serving low pay families in San Francisco. Similarly, Briger also served Caliber Schools board, a system of contract schools focused on training students for accomplishment in aggressive four-year universities and past.

Situated in San Francisco, California, not just a business pioneer but also a budgetary expert Peter Briger has over two-decade years asset management involvement in the Forever Investment Group. Currently, Briger fills in as the co-director of Fortress Investment Group. Apart from his professional endeavours Peter Briger has been contributing in the charitable causes to serve humanity. It is reported that his attitude towards the employees of the company is very down to earth. He has been helping many non-profitable organizations as Silicon Valley for global causes. Moreover, his interest in foreign relations made him the member of the Foreign Relations council where he worked to promote the foreign policy understanding globally.



The Success Story of Richard Liu Qiangdong

We all know that success is primarily not measured by the position we hold in a company, but by the people, we influence along the way. It does not matter how long it may take for us to get where we are, or the failures we have had along the way, as long as we keep on pushing to our dreams, we will certainly make it. A good example of accomplishment after failure is Richard Liu. Richard Liu is the CEO, founder, and chairperson of JD.Com. JD.Com is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China. He started this company after experiencing numerous failures in the restaurant sector.

After a period of selling health products, he started selling computer parts and later scaled up his business switching it to an online store, and this was the beginning of his venture into the e-commerce platform in China. Once he was able to venture into the e-commerce platform, he has since dominated the e-commerce platform with the sales of electronic goods, and this earned him a net revenue of $37 million in 2016 alone. The rise of Richard Liu Qiangdong has made him into a celebrity in China as one of the most innovative businesspersons China has today.

Before he started businesses, Richard Liu Qiangdong had studied sociology and was well on his way to becoming a sociologist. However, his love and passion for computer programming were quite evident throughout his studies. He would spend most of his time as a student developing his computer programming skills and with each day, he got better at it. After completing his studies, he later went on to enroll for an EMBA at the China Europe International Business School. He would later get employed at a health product company, where he held numerous roles among them director of business and director of computers.

It was in 1998, where Richard Liu decided to start his own business. He would name his first business after himself and his then-girlfriend. He would later expand the business into 12 stores making it more ,accessible, but it was not until SARS hit, that he took up the decision to create an e-commerce platform and his decision paid off.

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Ryan Seacrest Biography

Ryan Seacrest is a well-known American radio personality and a television host and producer. He has worked in many TV stations and radios in America and has got an excellent reputation in his career. Seacrest started his career at a tender age when still at his high school level of education. After studies, he used to work on the night shift as a host of a particular show in one the radio stations in his vicinity. After he graduated from his high school, Seacrest joined the University of Georgia and studied journalism in the year 1992. Later he left the institution and moved to Hollywood to pursue Broadcasting.

After completion of his undergraduate studies, Ryan Seacrest began working as a radio host in KIIS –FM radio where he used to host the morning show. He then advanced and started hosting in TV shows of various stations. The most remarkable shows Seacrest has hosted include the American Idol Show, the Million Question Quiz, the American Top 40, Knock Live, Mellisa and Tye series, and many other shows.

Seacrest is famous for winning the Emmy awards many times since the year 2004 up to the latest awards in this year 2018. He was nominated for the awards for hosting the competition show of American Idol several times. He has also received the award for being the best producer after producing the Oliver’s Food Revolution series. When he was a co-host with Kelly and Ryan, he was also awarded for being the best host of the show.

Ryan Seacrest is also a fashion designer, and this was evident when he designed the Seacrest’s suits specific for red carpet events. He has also developed his own collection known as the Ryan Sea crests Distinction with the help of Christopher Bailey. In his collection, he manufactures evening wear; Suits separates, pocket squares, ties sportswear, cufflinks, and dress shirts.

Apart from being a radio personality and a producer he is also a philanthropist. He founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a non-profiting organization aimed at improving the health status of the children. He has built nine children healthcare centers across the country.